This isn’t me

Hi, I’m .. erm…….

Given the content of what I’m writing about, I’m not sure it’s fair (or even legal) to mention everything – for instance, the companies I used to work for. I’m also reliant on my great circle of friends for their support and advice, and given that I may ask them to contribute to this site, they are due some anonymity.

So I plan to stay anonymous, not only in the hope of building up some mystique and being able to take part in clandestine meetings in car parks. But also to make sure I can be honest and open with my thoughts and feelings about this process.

I can’t though see anything wrong in giving out a few details so that anyone can see where I’m coming from, so the following is relatively accurate.

  • I’m 52 years old
  • I live in Newark in the UK
  • I’ve worked for my last company for 13 years
  • I’ve always worked in IT Projects in various capacities
  • I’m married to my partner, who is an Office Manager and we’ve been together for 22 years.
  • We have very close friends who are a great resources for HR matters (which really really helps with this process)
  • I make very bad jokes
  • I have a really bad tendency to like Scottish Rock music