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In June 2020, like many others, I found myself facing redundancy as the world went into lockdown. Feeling rather sorry for myself, I decided I wanted to make something positive out of this horrible situation, and I started this website to share my journey from redundancy back to employment. I’ve asked some industry experts to help, and I’d also love to hear your story, so please reach out and tell me your story and experience.

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If you’ve recently been placed at risk DON’T PANIC. There should be something useful in this section.

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My Blog. Worries, hopes, fears, experiences, moans, and general ranting about being made redundant.

Useful Resources

All of the useful stuff I’ve found along the way, with a few reviews of the apps, websites and services I’ve had to use.

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It’s Been a While!

Happy New Year! There’s an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm where Larry discusses how long after the 1st January you can wish someone Happy New Year, and it be appropriate. Apparently, anything after three days is poor form. So I dread to think what sort of face he’d pull when I do it almost four…

Happy Christmas

When I was made redundant in July, I remember sitting outside in the blazing sun talking things through with my other half. At that time Christmas seemed a long way off. We both thought that by the time we were munching through mince pies, the world would be getting back to normal and I’d be…

Its Not Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas was always going to be a bit weird this year. The songs on the radio are the same, and the same old films are playing on the TV, but this isn’t a Christmas of choice. It’s a Christmas of making do. Everyone is making do due to Covid, but thousands of us are also…

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