It’s Been a While!

Happy New Year! There’s an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm where Larry discusses how long after the 1st January you can wish someone Happy New Year, and it be appropriate. Apparently, anything after three days is poor form. So I dread to think what sort of face he’d pull when I do it almost fourContinue reading “It’s Been a While!”

Happy Christmas

When I was made redundant in July, I remember sitting outside in the blazing sun talking things through with my other half. At that time Christmas seemed a long way off. We both thought that by the time we were munching through mince pies, the world would be getting back to normal and I’d beContinue reading “Happy Christmas”

What A Week!

I don’t know whether to celebrate or commiserate. I’ve dreamed of being glued to the TV, watching someone from the government stand behind an oversized lectern and tell me that a vaccine for Covid was ready and was about to be rolled out, and we’re at last (hopefully) heading back to something more normal. AndContinue reading “What A Week!”

Do Us A Favour..

I’m not one for grumbling, but after four months grinding through the daily job application cycle, it’s time for a little vent. I know recruiting for new people is a challenge, but there are a few things recruiters could be doing to make things a little easier for those of us looking for work. FindingContinue reading “Do Us A Favour..”

A day at the races

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to sunny Ascot. It’s a perfect day for racing, and welcome to the inaugural running of the ‘Which Generation Should We Hire’ hurdle 2020. Sponsored by Employment Cohorts, at the end of this race, we should know who’s in pole position to fill the few, precious vacant roles currently out there.Continue reading “A day at the races”

A Slightly Alternative Top Ten of things I’ve Found Useful when Job Hunting (Part Two)

The second part of my slightly unusual Top Ten things useful for job hunting.. 5 – Playstation Job hunting is not fun. It’s repetitive, thankless and can be very un-rewarding and it’s easy to get disheartened by it all. So it’s essential to find something that gets you away from it from time to time.Continue reading “A Slightly Alternative Top Ten of things I’ve Found Useful when Job Hunting (Part Two)”

Time for a CV refresh

If you’ve read my very first post, you’ll know that my first inkling of being made redundant was a vague meeting request that popped into my inbox on a Friday afternoon (I still can’t believe that they did it on a Friday afternoon!). It was so ambiguous and unusual that I knew straight away itContinue reading “Time for a CV refresh”

A Tale Of Two Lockdowns

It’s been a weird year. Hopefully, at some point, things will drift back to something a little more familiar, and we’ll all get the opportunity to reflect on how living through COVID and Lockdown affected and changed us.   In the first of what will hopefully be many guest posts, Joe Macbeth gets that ball rolling.Continue reading “A Tale Of Two Lockdowns”

A little victory

Today, after 42 days spent applying for 25 jobs. Getting five rejections and submitting my CV to so many websites, I’m surprised I’m not labelled a spammer. Something positive happened.I got a call from a recruiter. It was on the back of another unsuccessful job application. Still, they wanted to know more. My work history,Continue reading “A little victory”


Linkedin is a valuable tool to to use when you’re job hunting. It allows you to form networks; it’s an excellent source of current news and information, and it lets you get “out there” and shows people you’re available and looking for a job. But it’s bloody horrible to use. The user front end isContinue reading “LinkedIn”

Two weeks in…..

I’ve been officially redundant for two weeks, so it’s a good time to pause for a second and see where things are. Am I closer to finding a job? Well, yes, but there’s still a long way to go.  I’ve completed my CV and its uploaded to all of the usual suspects. I’ve made contactContinue reading “Two weeks in…..”

My new routine

It’s week two of being officially redundant, and I’ve fallen into a new routine. It’s tempting to spend all of my time just job hunting, and it’s something that I think I’ll end up doing. But at the moment, given that the job market is still quite dry, especially in my line of work, it’sContinue reading “My new routine”


This website went live at 1600 on Friday 17th July. My ex-company told me that I was at risk of redundancy on Monday, 15th June 20, and I thought about creating this site shortly after that meeting. But, realising that I didn’t’ have much content, I decided to give myself a few weeks before goingContinue reading “Live!”

The many disappeared

Saturday 20th June 20 My ex-company is the type where people disappear without warning. There tends to be a proclamation heralded by horn playing cherubs when someone joins. Emails and press releases that extol their previous work, life and achievements are circulated. But very very little when they leave. Sometimes there’s nothing. They vanish firstContinue reading “The many disappeared”

Notes from my first interview: Made aware of the risk of redundancy

A short meeting. I planned to show no emotion, ask very few questions and generally be quite vague. The company have started this process and at this point are in full control. I hoped that they explain their plans and reasoning clearly, and I can always comment later. They are dictating the games that we’reContinue reading “Notes from my first interview: Made aware of the risk of redundancy”