Its Not Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Yes this was just an excuse to post of photo of a dog

Christmas was always going to be a bit weird this year. The songs on the radio are the same, and the same old films are playing on the TV, but this isn’t a Christmas of choice. It’s a Christmas of making do.

Everyone is making do due to Covid, but thousands of us are also living with redundancy and the implications that not having a regular income throws up, and it feels a lot worse at Christmas. For me, it means I’m not able to push the boat out as much as I usually do and spoil family and friends, with slightly over the top presents. The irony is that they should be getting so much more this year over any other, given all of the help and support they’ve given me since I lost my job in July.

I wish I could buy the electronics, posh cosmetics and funky comedy socks they deserve, but will never expect, and that I could take them out to overpriced bars and restaurants and show then how thankful I am for their ongoing support and love.

But due to Covid and redundancy, I can’t, and that’s one of the hardest things I’ve faced this or any Christmas. They all know the position I’m in, and all will be perfectly happy with what ends up under their tree, even if it’s only an orange and a couple of lumps of coal.

But I wish I could do more.

Next year though, is going to be epic. I promise


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