It’s the end of the world as we know it….

Today is the last day I’ll be officially working for my company.

At 5 pm, I’ll be unemployed. I’ll be on my own, and the uncertainty cranks up a little.

I’ve had to do the modern equivalent of clearing my desk, deleting old files from my laptop, uninstalling the company VPN and sending back keys and SIM cards.

But it’s a good feeling that I’ve made it to the end of Chapter One, or at least the prefix.

It’s a weird feeling. I’m of course worried that I might not find a job for some time and I’m also sad as I’ll miss my old role, and especially the security it brought. I’ll miss the people I worked with, the technology I worked with and the responsibility that I had being on the end of the phone to help when a customer’s world was about to end as a server had just restarted.

The last thing I want to hear is that I should be looking at this as an opportunity to do do something new and that there are positives in this situation. That’s very easy to say when you’ve wrapped in the warm blanket of employment.

But there is some truth in it.

I’ve been treading water for two years watching everyone else’s career move on but mine. I’m now able to change tack, walk a new path and that’s something that you cant do when the blanket is wrapped so tightly around you, it’s impossible to get out of it.

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