Notes from meeting 3 : Follow up to my email

Thursday 25/06/20 

Not very positive. I think I held my own, but this is the first time things got a little heated.  

The highlight was my Line Manager, who is terrible in situations like this. Ums, urrs, always looks down, never looks directly into the camera, etc. Trying to share her desktop and in doing so accidentally showing a ‘to do’ titled, ‘Get CVs for a Support Manager’. 

I know the company has a recruitment freeze. Technically they can’t increase headcount. So my thinking is that they are making me redundant so that they can fill another role.  

The initial decision is if I use this as a form of leverage, and include it in my written response to this meeting.

In short, though.

  • They told me that there are no other positions for me within the company, but provided no evidence to show what they had considered. I’ve asked to see it at least twice. I think I have a case for unfair selection
  • They told me that they would only pay me the minimum legal amount, and I’m confident that they have miscalculated those figures. I’ll check again
  • Disappointing, but not unexpected, that after 13 years service they are trying to pay me off as cheaply as possible

But the main lesson I’ve leant is that always know your tech, and if you are going to use solutions like Zoom, make sure that there’s nothing incriminating knocking around your desktop, just in case your fumbling accidentally shares your screen.


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