This website went live at 1600 on Friday 17th July.

My ex-company told me that I was at risk of redundancy on Monday, 15th June 20, and I thought about creating this site shortly after that meeting. But, realising that I didn’t’ have much content, I decided to give myself a few weeks before going live, as I thought that would be enough time to do more research, learn WordPress and put some thoughts down on (virtual) paper.

The range, quality and amount of that content will increase over the next few weeks, and I sincerely hope that if you are at risk of redundancy, or you’ve been made redundant already, that there’s something here that you find interesting or can help.

If you’ve any thoughts and would like to add anything, then please put them in an email and send them over (

We’re all in this together, so let’s look out for each other.

It’s 1600 on Friday. So I’m off for a cold beer.


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