Being a part of the Gig Economy

Money, specifically the lack of it is a worry most of us will have at some point. When you’ve been made redundant, it’s somehow amplified. An hour doesn’t go by without imagining the vision of your bank balance, slowly counting down, knowing that at the end of the month, the counter isn’g going to beContinue reading “Being a part of the Gig Economy”

Just been placed at risk of redundancy?

Between now and the Governments furlough scheme ending, a lot of people are going to find themselves redundant or in a redundancy process. There are some estimates of the unemployment rate being 7.5% by the end of the year. If you receive the dreaded, email, call, letter or even text message, then the following informationContinue reading “Just been placed at risk of redundancy?”

The lycra is staying in the cupboard for a little while longer

Job hunting is something I don’t enjoy. A necessary evil, yes, but something I find a chore with minimal reward (apart from what’s hopefully going to happen at some point). Even though technology has made it easier to filter out roles that aren’t relevant to me, I still find myself each morning reviewing the sameContinue reading “The lycra is staying in the cupboard for a little while longer”


This website went live at 1600 on Friday 17th July. My ex-company told me that I was at risk of redundancy on Monday, 15th June 20, and I thought about creating this site shortly after that meeting. But, realising that I didn’t’ have much content, I decided to give myself a few weeks before goingContinue reading “Live!”

There maybe (money) trouble ahead….

Tuesday 16th June 2020 Another retrospective post. It took me a while to come up with this plan, but I wanted to mention it towards the start of my Blog, where it was most relevant. Also, as ‘the plan’ uses the amount of money in my final redundancy package, I needed to know that figureContinue reading “There maybe (money) trouble ahead….”