Lock down Survival Top 10: No.6, Coffee Machine

Sometimes it’s the small things. Sometimes you don’t need the latest phone, running the new and trendiest apps. Sometimes you need a piece of kit that just does the basics and does them well.

My 13-year-old coffee machine is such a device. It’s so entwined in my daily routine, it means a lot to me, and I’d hate to be without it.

It’s an anchor to what I do when I get up. It greets me with a gruff, slightly resentful growl but always treats me to cracking cup of coffee.

I could get my caffeine fix from a bean to cup, internet of things, hissing, whirling NASA created uber-machine. But why bother. My trusty little, slightly worn and faded sidekick does the job just as well.

If the bean to cup machine is the Ferrari of the coffee machine world, then my machine is the Toyota Hilux. It’s not going to make anyone cry due to its sheer beauty; heads won’t turn or poems scribbled. But it’s there for me, and it won’t let me down.

Everything in my world changed when I was made redundant, and one of the most significant changes was my morning routine. I found myself not having to get up at 0545 in the morning but being so conditioned I still did. And the only thing to do was to make a coffee, sit in the garden and start the day slowly and peacefully.

And that routine still sticks, and my coffee machine was at the centre of it

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