A Slightly Alternative Top Ten of things I’ve Found Useful when Job Hunting (Part Two)

The second part of my slightly unusual Top Ten things useful for job hunting.. 5 – Playstation Job hunting is not fun. It’s repetitive, thankless and can be very un-rewarding and it’s easy to get disheartened by it all. So it’s essential to find something that gets you away from it from time to time.Continue reading “A Slightly Alternative Top Ten of things I’ve Found Useful when Job Hunting (Part Two)”

A Slightly Alternative Top Ten of things I’ve Found Useful when Job Hunting (Part One)

A quick search of the net will throw up numerous ‘job hunting top tens’. I thought I might as well join in, but I wanted to give it a bit of a spin. So welcome to my top ten of the slightly alternative things I’ve found useful when job hunting. This is part one, partContinue reading “A Slightly Alternative Top Ten of things I’ve Found Useful when Job Hunting (Part One)”

Lock down Survival Top 10: No.6, Coffee Machine

Sometimes it’s the small things. Sometimes you don’t need the latest phone, running the new and trendiest apps. Sometimes you need a piece of kit that just does the basics and does them well. My 13-year-old coffee machine is such a device. It’s so entwined in my daily routine, it means a lot to me,Continue reading “Lock down Survival Top 10: No.6, Coffee Machine”

Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.7, Musicals

I ate my first mushroom about sixteen years ago. For a vegetarian, not eating mushrooms is similar to meat-eater, not eating sausages. You can get by, but you feel that you’re missing out, and you know that life will be a little easier if you did. I don’t remember consciously deciding to eat a mushroom.Continue reading “Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.7, Musicals”

Lockdown Survival Top 10: No.8, Online Shopping

I went to my local Asda a week before lock-down kicked in, and it was horrible. Something odd was happening, but it was hard to pin down exactly what.  People were throwing themselves into the shop only to find empty shelves.  It was like the week before Christmas, but without the false sense of fun.Continue reading “Lockdown Survival Top 10: No.8, Online Shopping”

Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.9, Perfect Draft

I like going out for a drink. I’m not that fussy where I go; it could be a trendy cocktail bar, a dive bar or even a fussy gastro-pub. But more often than not, it’s an ordinary pub. It’s not so much the beer I go for, although that’s a bonus. The reason I likeContinue reading “Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.9, Perfect Draft”

Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.10, My PlayStation

On March 17th I went into lockdown. Since then, apart from trips to walk around the block, I’ve left my house three times. Once, for a school friends funeral, the others to take my newly adopted cats to and from the vets. I’ve been at home more or less continuously for four months. I usedContinue reading “Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.10, My PlayStation”

Things I’m not going to miss since being made redundant

Missing friends and family when I”m overseas. Spending 5+ hours a day commuting to work. Getting up at 6am every morning. Having to goto bed at 2200 every night. ‘That’ feeling on Sunday mornings. Outlooks, ‘ping’ every 5 mins when new mail drops into my inbox. People calling 20 minute meetings when a 3 minuteContinue reading “Things I’m not going to miss since being made redundant”

Random things I’m going to miss

Listening to Wittertainment on the car radio Catching up with people in the kitchen when I used to make a cup of tea Overuse of drive-through Starbucks Listening to the company receptionist being polite to callers, only to start verbally (and very loudly) berating them as soon as they hung up Communal boxes of biscuits Continue reading “Random things I’m going to miss”