It’s not me, It’s you..

Dear John (the Recruitment Decision Maker)

We need to have ‘that’ talk. We need to discuss our relationship.

The last few days have been wonderful. We met online. I saw your ad, you reviewed my CV, and for a few fleeting days, we both thought this was going to work. You playfully teased me with your development pathway and holiday entitlement; I wooed you with my qualifications and experience.

But since we managed to hook up, I’ve heard nothing from you.

I know traditionally we’d meet in person, and that this time it had to be online, but I thought we had hit it off. You asked questions that I thought I’d answered well. We had a rapport, I made you laugh, and I wasn’t even shocked when you told me that you were talking to other people and that you were going to decide who you wanted to take things further with within the next few days.

It’s just that since then, I’ve heard nothing from you and I don’t know why or where I stand.

Every time the phone rings I hope it’s you, and I’m checking my inbox every ten minutes just in case you decide to write. I know that I may not be ‘the one’, but I did a lot to make it work. Even if you’ve decided that it was never going to work out between us, I’d like to know why and what has changed since we sat down and stared into each other eyes (over Zoom).

So please don’t ghost me. We’ve only had a brief relationship, but I thought I was worth more than that, and frankly, I expected more from you.

Yours Discouraged from Nottingham


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