Notes from meeting 2 : Start of Consultation period

17th June 20

This meeting was the second meeting in the process and followed the ‘You’re at a notice of redundancy meeting’ last week. It formally started the ‘consultation period.’

Similar to the last meeting, my advice was to listen, but start to ask any challenging questions if there was a chance. It was my first opportunity to begin to pick any holes in their argument and expose any inaccuracies into the open. I could also start to lay the foundations for my case, and with a little luck and well-timed questioning, get them to agree to some of my points as well.

From the meeting, it seems that the companies argument is that as orders have just about dried up, my position is no longer needed. They did not comment on why and how it’s me who has to be made redundant and what they had done to mitigate my redundancy. They were also vague about how we got to where we are. Things that I could use to my advantage in the future.

There are also a few contradictions starting to creep in. For example, they didn’t furlough me as there was work for me to do, yet they tell me I’m selected for redundancy because there’s no work for me to do. Those circular arguments make me think that even though they appear to be following the correct process at this stage, I believe the HR term is ‘Processed Out’, they’ve not been so diligent before it.

And that’s an area worth exploring.


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