Just been placed at risk of redundancy?

Between now and the Governments furlough scheme ending, a lot of people are going to find themselves redundant or in a redundancy process. There are some estimates of the unemployment rate being 7.5% by the end of the year. If you receive the dreaded, email, call, letter or even text message, then the following informationContinue reading “Just been placed at risk of redundancy?”

A recruiters view on CV’s

When it comes to CV’s, each recruiter looks at a CV differently. We all have different preferences and respond positively to different things, so you’ll never please everyone all of the time, but these are things I look for when I review a CV. My personal preference is to start with the oldest job firstContinue reading “A recruiters view on CV’s”

Notes from meeting 3 : Follow up to my email

Thursday 25/06/20  Not very positive. I think I held my own, but this is the first time things got a little heated.   The highlight was my Line Manager, who is terrible in situations like this. Ums, urrs, always looks down, never looks directly into the camera, etc. Trying to share her desktop and in doingContinue reading “Notes from meeting 3 : Follow up to my email”

Notes from meeting 2 : Start of Consultation period

17th June 20 This meeting was the second meeting in the process and followed the ‘You’re at a notice of redundancy meeting’ last week. It formally started the ‘consultation period.’ Similar to the last meeting, my advice was to listen, but start to ask any challenging questions if there was a chance. It was myContinue reading “Notes from meeting 2 : Start of Consultation period”