Random things I’m going to miss

  • Listening to Wittertainment on the car radio
  • Catching up with people in the kitchen when I used to make a cup of tea
  • Overuse of drive-through Starbucks
  • Listening to the company receptionist being polite to callers, only to start verbally (and very loudly) berating them as soon as they hung up
  • Communal boxes of biscuits 
  • Calling home and telling my other half I’m on my way home
  • Sneaky Amazon shopping at my desk
  • Managing my laptop bag so that I had a lead for any / every occasion
  • Hearing someone from Support, telling a customer to turn it off and then back on again
  • Cold pizza at company meetings
  • Singing (shouting) along to indie hits of the ’90s in my car
  • Senior Management continuously getting people’s name wrong and causing very awkward situations

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