My new routine

how quickly I’ve fell into a new routine in alarming

It’s week two of being officially redundant, and I’ve fallen into a new routine. It’s tempting to spend all of my time just job hunting, and it’s something that I think I’ll end up doing. But at the moment, given that the job market is still quite dry, especially in my line of work, it’s an excellent opportunity to do some accredited training in areas that are useful to my current role, or that point me towards something different.

Get up

Turn the house back into a home and not an adventure playground for cats.

Over a cup of strong tea, go through emails and mark any that are related to looking for jobs.

Get to my office and start following up on those emails.

Training (currently going through an AWS Solutions Architect course through Udemy. And building websites using HTML, CSS and Java through Codecademy).

Exercise and lunch (usually some cat play also).

More job hunting, looking at job boards. General job searching.

Website things, writing blogs, general maintenance following up on the HTML/CSS training I’m doing.

Play some online games (strongly believe that I need a break from job hunting and some downtime, and I’m still trying to get my COD revenge on those teen-ages from the other side of the world)


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