Things I’m not going to miss since being made redundant

  • Missing friends and family when I”m overseas.
  • Spending 5+ hours a day commuting to work.
  • Getting up at 6am every morning.
  • Having to goto bed at 2200 every night.
  • ‘That’ feeling on Sunday mornings.
  • Outlooks, ‘ping’ every 5 mins when new mail drops into my inbox.
  • People calling 20 minute meetings when a 3 minute phone call would have worked instead
  • Working with people who put furthering their career over everything else.
  • Roadworks, traffic jams and delays being a part of my day to day life.
  • Not being able to have a beer on a work night.
  • Work coffee.
  • Having to put up with management behaving unreasonably.
  • Cheap hotels.
  • Trying to work out if senior managers are in a good or bad mood, before telling them something they won’t want to hear.
  • Having to remove empty, coffee cups, crisp packets and other rubbish from my car before anyone else gets in.
  • Customers thinking that they can ring you at any time of the day.
  • Having pre-packed sandwiches for lunch and eating at my desk.
  • Frantically running around the supermarket during lunch.
  • Making small talk
  • 12 hour days onsite.
  • Having to make sure there’s a stockpile of ironed shirts.
  • Covering the phones when everyone is out of the office.

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