Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.10, My PlayStation

On March 17th I went into lockdown. Since then, apart from trips to walk around the block, I’ve left my house three times. Once, for a school friends funeral, the others to take my newly adopted cats to and from the vets.

I’ve been at home more or less continuously for four months.

I used to get very twitchy if I didn’t get out of the house daily, and the thought of staying in over a weekend would cause the bottom lip to start trembling. I’ve also had to go through being made redundant during my Howard Hughes like confinement. But I’ve survived it, or at least still surviving it. I’ve not gone stir crazy. I think I’ve done ok.

On reflection though, some things have helped, and without them, I just couldn’t have got through this.

So over the next few days, please find my ‘Top Ten Things That Have Got Me / Getting Me Through Lockdown’. (Note to self, find a better title).

A re-entry at No. 10. My Playstation

Having a little more time on my hands has meant that I could rekindle the love of my Playstation. Over the last few years, I more or less stopped gaming completely. I wouldn’t even get time to play the yearly Call Of Duty games my other half would buy me for Xmas.

So it’s been great to be able to play some of the old favourites as well as some fantastic new games; Last of Us 2, Final Fantasy Remake, COD etc. Also, for the first time, I’ve been able to break my ‘Online’ gaming virginity and can even find some pleasure in carrying the moniker of ‘worst online gamer’ ever.

Over the last four months, I’ve found that a couple of hours gaming gives me a break from the worry and daily grind of trying to find a job. It’s a beautiful form of escapism, made all the better for being able to hook up with friends online every week and having the same sort of conversation that we’d typically be having over a beer when the world was a little more normal.

I’m going to be redundant for a while and during that time I think it’s essential to get away from job hunting and get some normality by catching up with friends. My Playstation lets me do both, and that’s why it’s been invaluable.


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