The lycra is staying in the cupboard for a little while longer

Job hunting is something I don’t enjoy. A necessary evil, yes, but something I find a chore with minimal reward (apart from what’s hopefully going to happen at some point).

Even though technology has made it easier to filter out roles that aren’t relevant to me, I still find myself each morning reviewing the same daily emails that contain the same jobs as the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that.

I’m curious to know what’s going to come first?. I find a job, or the online TV fitness channel manages to recruit for their ‘on-screen fitness trainer’ position I’ve seen advertised since I started job hunting. (Should point out that my I’m filtering on ‘trainer’ as in a trainer of technology, not one who’s dressed in lycra and a bit shouty)

So I made the decision today to review all of my job alerts and check that they are as effective as possible.

I have a feeling though that at the moment, as things are still getting back to normal, there aren’t a lot of opportunities out there.

That might be me giving up a little. But the job market seems saturated with people looking for work, but the amount and diversity of actual jobs are few.


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