A little victory

Today, after 42 days spent applying for 25 jobs. Getting five rejections and submitting my CV to so many websites, I’m surprised I’m not labelled a spammer. Something positive happened.
I got a call from a recruiter.

It was on the back of another unsuccessful job application. Still, they wanted to know more. My work history, what sort of role I was after and how much money I wanted, and although there was nothing for me at present, things were picking up in my line of work (not sure I believe that) and that they’d be in touch, hopefully soon.

It’s not Watson and Crick discovering the structure of DNA, but it’s great. It’s one of the first positive signs I’ve seen since becoming redundant. Even if it comes to nothing, it’s made me feel a lot more positive.

I’ll fight many battles in this war on redundancy, and I could lose most of them. But today I’ve won a small, and maybe significant victory.

And I’m taking it.


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