Be a lighthouse; share your story

Job hunting is something that you tend to do on your own, something you do solo. 

After a while, always staring at the same old websites, continually waiting to hear back from job applications you made a week ago, it gets easy to assume that you’re in this boat on your own and that no matter how hard and fast you row, there’s a chance you may never get to the place you’re desperately trying to reach.

Sometimes, even the strongest people, the most resilient and capable need to reach out for some support. We’re all after clear directions to where we need to row, where to point the bow of our dark little, solitary boats. 

Hearing how others have navigated the same stormy seas is one way of getting that support. Listening to stories and experiences of riding out the storm helps. It gives us some reassurance that even though the seas may be rough, others have travelled them before, they’ve reached dry land, and they’re flourishing.

Those stories are floating around all around us. The challenge is grabbing them and putting them in a place where people in little boats can share them. So every time we find out that such a place exists, we should embrace it and take full advantage.

For example, one such place is Nottingham Jobs: The Blog (, an initiative from Nottingham Jobs ( It does a great job of sharing recent success stories and shows those of us who are bobbing along in our little boats that there is a way out and others are getting to the other side. The stories are genuinely impressive; the Blog is well written, and reading it helps. The more I read, the more the distance to the other side shrinks. It makes me realise that I’m not on my own, I’m just one of a fleet of little boats navigating paths that others have charted before. The stories help, and I want to read more.

So If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar little boat, and you know what it’s like to bob up and down, frantically rowing but only going around in circles. But then you’ve managed to steady the tiller, get the bow heading the right direction, and you’ve reached the other side, chart that journey, share your story!

Andrew at Nottingham Jobs: the Blog wants to hear and share it. You can find out more on this page.

The editor’s kitchen table…

Tell the world how well you’ve done and how you managed to do it.

Help us navigate these stormy seas. It’s an ex-boat bobbers duty.


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