What A Week!

I don’t know whether to celebrate or commiserate.

I’ve dreamed of being glued to the TV, watching someone from the government stand behind an oversized lectern and tell me that a vaccine for Covid was ready and was about to be rolled out, and we’re at last (hopefully) heading back to something more normal.

And that happened yesterday.

But it also came with the news that three weeks before Xmas thousands will be losing their jobs, and face what should be the happiest time of the year, wondering how to pay their bills, buy presents and how to get food on the table.

So I can’t bring myself to crack open the champagne and skip down the road in celebration of the prospect of two needles jabbed into my arm. (I couldn’t do this anyway as the city I live in is in tier 3)

So I’m raising a glass in honour of science and to all of those who have got us this far. It may not be the end of this weird world we found ourselves in, but hopefully, it’s the start of the end.

But I’m keeping it aloft for a couple of extra seconds, with thoughts, love and best wishes to anyone who is facing the prospect of Xmas without an income.

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