Its Not Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas was always going to be a bit weird this year. The songs on the radio are the same, and the same old films are playing on the TV, but this isn’t a Christmas of choice. It’s a Christmas of making do. Everyone is making do due to Covid, but thousands of us are alsoContinue reading “Its Not Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”

Would you employ ‘’

If you use email for personal use, you may have had the same email address for a while. When you created it, you may not have given too much thought to how suitable it would be for job hunting. But there are a few things to consider.  Does it give the right impression?  Is itContinue reading “Would you employ ‘’”

Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.7, Musicals

I ate my first mushroom about sixteen years ago. For a vegetarian, not eating mushrooms is similar to meat-eater, not eating sausages. You can get by, but you feel that you’re missing out, and you know that life will be a little easier if you did. I don’t remember consciously deciding to eat a mushroom.Continue reading “Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.7, Musicals”

Lockdown Survival Top 10: No.8, Online Shopping

I went to my local Asda a week before lock-down kicked in, and it was horrible. Something odd was happening, but it was hard to pin down exactly what.  People were throwing themselves into the shop only to find empty shelves.  It was like the week before Christmas, but without the false sense of fun.Continue reading “Lockdown Survival Top 10: No.8, Online Shopping”