Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.7, Musicals

I ate my first mushroom about sixteen years ago. For a vegetarian, not eating mushrooms is similar to meat-eater, not eating sausages. You can get by, but you feel that you’re missing out, and you know that life will be a little easier if you did. I don’t remember consciously deciding to eat a mushroom.Continue reading “Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.7, Musicals”

Lockdown Survival Top 10: No.8, Online Shopping

I went to my local Asda a week before lock-down kicked in, and it was horrible. Something odd was happening, but it was hard to pin down exactly what.  People were throwing themselves into the shop only to find empty shelves.  It was like the week before Christmas, but without the false sense of fun.Continue reading “Lockdown Survival Top 10: No.8, Online Shopping”

Just been placed at risk of redundancy?

Between now and the Governments furlough scheme ending, a lot of people are going to find themselves redundant or in a redundancy process. There are some estimates of the unemployment rate being 7.5% by the end of the year. If you receive the dreaded, email, call, letter or even text message, then the following informationContinue reading “Just been placed at risk of redundancy?”

Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.9, Perfect Draft

I like going out for a drink. I’m not that fussy where I go; it could be a trendy cocktail bar, a dive bar or even a fussy gastro-pub. But more often than not, it’s an ordinary pub. It’s not so much the beer I go for, although that’s a bonus. The reason I likeContinue reading “Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.9, Perfect Draft”

Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.10, My PlayStation

On March 17th I went into lockdown. Since then, apart from trips to walk around the block, I’ve left my house three times. Once, for a school friends funeral, the others to take my newly adopted cats to and from the vets. I’ve been at home more or less continuously for four months. I usedContinue reading “Lockdown Survival Top 10 : No.10, My PlayStation”

The lycra is staying in the cupboard for a little while longer

Job hunting is something I don’t enjoy. A necessary evil, yes, but something I find a chore with minimal reward (apart from what’s hopefully going to happen at some point). Even though technology has made it easier to filter out roles that aren’t relevant to me, I still find myself each morning reviewing the sameContinue reading “The lycra is staying in the cupboard for a little while longer”

Things I’m not going to miss since being made redundant

Missing friends and family when I”m overseas. Spending 5+ hours a day commuting to work. Getting up at 6am every morning. Having to goto bed at 2200 every night. ‘That’ feeling on Sunday mornings. Outlooks, ‘ping’ every 5 mins when new mail drops into my inbox. People calling 20 minute meetings when a 3 minuteContinue reading “Things I’m not going to miss since being made redundant”